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June 13, 2013
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America x Child! Reader : Only your hero.

You were sitting on the sofa of Arthur’s house, he had told you about a friend. You always liked Arthur’s friends, especially flying mint bunny or Miss. Fairy! But you had a feeling that this friend was different, Arthur was always excited when his friends came over but now he just seemed.. Annoyed. Arthur walked back into the room holding your plush ( Favorite animal ), you smiled at him and Arthur simply smiled back. He sat down next to you, with a sigh he leaned into the sofa.

‘Love, now there’s something I have to mention.’ He said, with a slightly irritated look.  You nodded and moved closer to him. He wrapped an arm around your shoulder and let out another big sigh.

‘Alfred.. Alfred is different from my other friends, he is a country just like you and me.’  
Your eyes widened in excitement, another country? Does that mean that Arthur works with this country? Maybe he even had an alliance! Right now you were getting so pumped about the man you were about to meet.

‘Now.. Love call down, he will be here in a couple minutes. He is quite different then me love.’ He said with a slightly worried tone to his words, all you could do is nod although you were kind of confused. Why was Arthur so worried? I’m sure that Alfred is super nice! Just as you were lost in your train of thoughts the doorbell rang. You looked over at Arthur and grinned at him, you stood up and ran to the door. You tried to grab the doorknob but you couldn’t open it because the low amount of strength, you looked back and saw Arthur coming up to the door. He patted you on the head and opened the door with a sigh. Immediately you hopped in front of Arthur, you looked up and saw man with glasses and blonde hair.

‘Yo! Arthur, is this the little dudette?’ he asked while kneeling in front of you, all you could do was giggle at the funny American accent from the man. You were around Arthur most of the time so you got a little bit used to his perfect British accent. You brushed a piece of (h/c) behind your ears and wrapped your arms around Alfred.

‘Now, now _____. What did I say about hugging people?’ Arthur asked with a strict tone in his voice, you let out a sigh and looked up to Arthur.

‘Always ask for permission to have physical contact with others?’ you ask, he nods and you started to notice the frown on Arthur’s face.

‘Dude? She has to ask for permission? What a stupid rule, ____ come here and give Alfred a hug!’ Alfred exclaims with a excited pitch to his sentence. You wrap your arms around his neck and giggle. After the hug he turned grabbed your shoulders so he was able to look you in the eyes.  He grinned and looked over at Arthur.

‘Dude you never said that ____, would be so cute! Look at those big (e/c) eyes!’ he grabbed your hand and ran inside, you just followed.  Arthur walked after the two of you, all he could do was smile at you. Alfred sat down on the sofa and lifted you on his lap. You giggled as he wrapped his arms around you. You had never met Alfred before this time but you felt like you and him were going to be friends.

‘Alfred?’ You asked, ‘Yeah?’.

‘Why do you wear glasses? Arthur doesn’t wear glasses.’ You said, he chuckled and ruffled up your hair.

‘Well my heroine! That’s because, they make me look smart!’ He said with a goofy voice, you giggled. ‘But ____, you know Arthur is already very smart. So he doesn’t need glasses!’ he whispered in your ear. You nodded and Arthur took a seat in the chair next to the sofa.

‘Alfred, now that you have met _____. Can you watch her for a while? I have a meeting with someone.’ He said, you nodded excitedly and looked at Alfred. You noticed that you’ve left your stuffed animal at the door. You hopped of Alfred lap and ran to the door to grab your ( Favorite animal ). As you ran back, you noticed that Alfred and Arthur were fighting. Oh no! Was this your fault? You held out your stuffed animal, and frowned.

‘Mr./Miss. Fluffy will make you two stop fighting!’ You say almost in a angered tone, Alfred looked over at you and chuckled.  He kneeled down and pinched your nose, you looked at his hand which made you cross eyed.  Arthur laughed at the sight of the two of you.

‘Dudette, don’t worry. We weren’t fighting, I was just asking if I was able to take you to the park!’ he said, the park? You jumped up and down, you’ve always loved the park.

‘Arthur, pleaaase?’ You whined while pouting your lip and making puppy eyes, Arthur chuckled and patted you on your head.

‘Well… Sure love, but promise you will watch out. Also do not get hurt dear, I love you too much for that.’ He said with a slightly worried tone, you nodded and hugged his legs. You looked up in his eyes and grinned excitedly. He smiled and patted your head again.

‘Well ____, ready to go?’ Alfred asked almost screaming, you turned and nodded at him. You grabbed his hand and the two of you left, you almost had forgot your plush. So you had to run back to grab it, ‘Dudette, that stuffed animal is totally cute!’ Alfred told you, your cheeks turned a bit red and you nodded. Alfred was so pretty! You giggled at your own thoughts. Alfred noticed the small giggles that left your mouth.

‘Little one, what are you giggling about? Is it because I look like superman?’ He said while raising one eyebrow.  

‘If your superman.. Then I’m.. Supergirl! Haha!’ You said, Alfred nodded at you and grinned heavily. In the corner of your eye you noticed an ice cream store, you tugged Alfred’s sleeve which caused him to look down at you.

‘Dudette, what’s up?’ He said, you pointed at the ice cream store. An enormous grin appeared on Alfred’s face, he back at you and nodded.  Alfred picked you up and ran to the store, for some reason you two were both yelling ‘ ice cream!!’ on the way. Which caused many people to stare weirdly at Alfred and you. When you were inside the store your eyes widened at all the sorts of ice cream, the funny thing was Alfred was looking pretty excited too. The man at the counter had a weird expression on his face when he saw the two of you bouncing up and down while looking though the display of different sorts of ice cream.

‘What would you like _____?’ Alfred asked while patting your head.

‘(Favorite ice cream flavor ), of course!’ You exclaimed.

‘Dude! That’s my favorite too! Your just like me! The hero!’ He said so loud that he was almost yelling trough the store.  ‘I’ll have (Favorite ice cream flavor) too!’.

The man handed you the ice cream and after Alfred paid for the ice cream the two of you sat down on the bench outside of the store. You basically ate the ice cream like there was no tomorrow, you noticed Alfred was doing exactly the same. You had placed you stuffed animal in between Alfred an you, after you finished your ice cream you hugged your ( Favorite animal ) plush. Which caused a little squeak to come out.

‘____, you’re going to make your plush dirty! Your mouth is covered in chocolate!’  He said, after you parted away from your stuffed animal and saw the big stain on his head. You could feel tears form in your eyes,  your favorite stuffed animal! All dirty! Alfred noticed the tears in your eyes and patted your head. He brought a napkin to your mouth to clean you up. After that he took another one to wipe away your tears.

‘A-Alfred’ You cried, ‘He’s all dirty!’ It was probably hard for him to understand you because your voice had gotten high pitched and you hiccupped between all the words.

‘_____, please don’t cry! Here I will try to clean him! Look he’s already getting cleaner, see?’

‘Y-Yes..’ You hiccupped, after Alfred had cleaned your stuffed animal he placed an arm around your shoulders.

‘Are you OK?’ He asked, you nodded and buried your face in his chest.  He slowly stroke your (h/c) hair, you felt so comfortable that you almost instantly stopped crying. You took your stuffed animal and held it close to you. You looked up at Alfred, he smiled and stroke away the last tears of your cheeks.  When you two parted he patted your head.

‘Wanna go kiddo?’ He said, you smiled and nodded. He took your hand and the two of you started to continue your walk to the park.  

~ Timeskip brought you by this drama lama.~

You ran around the playground, Alfred and you were playing tag. You were giggling all over the place like a normal 6 year old would do.  Alfred had his hand in front of him and was making an tickling motion.

‘I’m gonna get you!’ Alfred yelled, you laughed loudly and started to run even faster. You climbed up the slide, you first let your stuffed animal slide down before you. When you were coming down from the slide you noticed Alfred standing right in front of the slide. You laughed extremely loud and tried to climbed back up, but you failed.  Alfred lifted you and your stuffed animal and started tickling your sides. You laughed and your face turned really red, Alfred was laughing too probably because your laugh sounded cute. Alfred held your hands and started to turn around, you were now flying around only hanging by Alfred’s arms.

‘Al-Alfred! Don’t! I-I’m scared!’ You said in a shaky tone, he noticed the fright in your eyes and placed you back down.

‘Sorry ____, I promise not do it again.’  He said, you smiled and he smiled back at you. You noticed that you had still left your stuffed animal at the slide. You ran back to get it but it was gone, tears were starting to from in your eyes. You hiccupped and ran to Alfred, his eyes widened in shock when he saw tears streaming down your face.

‘_____, what happened?’ he asked while looking in your (e/c) eyes.

‘M-My (favorite animal) i-is go..Gone!’ You hiccupped, he slowly stroke the tears away and kneeled down In front of you.

‘Don’t worry we will find it!’ he calmly said, ’I’m your hero, remember? ‘

Alfred and you started to look around the playground, after a while you noticed an boy in the sandbox that was playing with your stuffed animal! Your stuffed animal! You squeezed Alfred’s hand and pointed at the boy. He looked at the boy and nodded at you, the two of you walked towards the sandbox.

‘Yo, little dude? That’s ____ her stuffed animal.’ Alfred said in a strict tone.  The boy looked up at Alfred and had mischievous smile on his face.

‘Nein, zhis is my totally awesome (Favorite animal)!’ The boy said, from the accent you noticed he was German.

‘No..’ You murmured, ‘It’s mine..’

‘Nein, totally mine.’


‘It’s mine dummkopf!’

Alfred walked towards the boy and kneeled down, he had a serious expression on his face and looked very angry.

‘Here’s the deal dude, that’s totally _____ her animal. So you can give it back now or I will tell your mother about your attitude.’ When Alfred finished his sentence the boy’s eyes widened in fear.

‘Ne-Nein, not my mutti!’ The boy said, ‘I’m zorry! I vhas just kidding!’
The boy gave the stuffed animal to Alfred and ran off, Alfred walked back towards you and you started crying from joy.  You took your ( Favorite animal ) and held it close, after that you hugged Alfred’s leg.  He chuckled and lifted you up, you buried your face in his shoulder and your (h/c) covered your face. He slowly rubbed your back , you started to calm down and parted away to look in his eyes.

‘You’re really my hero.’ You said softly, he smiled and gave a smile peck on your forehead.

‘Yes, but only your hero. Remember that ____, remember that.’

The end~

*Extended ending*

Gilbert walked angry towards his two friends, Antonio and Francis.
‘You Domme rikke! That blonde man got angry because you two wanted that stupid (Favorite animal)!’ He yelled angrily.

‘Vhell, je suis desole. I didn’t mean to get you in any trouble.’ Francis said.

‘Yeah, we just wanted to get her attention!’ Antonio exclaimed, Gilbert slapped the back of Antonio’s head. Which caused Antonio to let out an ‘’ouch!’’.

‘Whatever, let’s just go. I vhant to mess with my brother and his sissy friends!’ Gilbert said, the other two nodded and continued to mess with Ludwig, Feliciano and Honda for the rest of the afternoon.
Enjoy, I don't own you or Hetalia.
Have a nice day ^,^
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