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September 19, 2013
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Child! Canada x Mom! Reader: I told you so.

‘Mom I’m sorry..’

‘It’s your own fault Matthew.’

‘I’m sorry mommy, please don’t be mad..’

‘I’m not mad, just face the consequences’ You were currently sitting at the dentist with Matthew, it seemed that every time he visited Alfred he ate a bunch of candy and to top that, he even forgets to brush his teeth sometimes. You’d told him so many times to brush them, or else he would get a cavity. Matthew had his hand on his cheek, it felt like it was going to explode. The throbbing feeling just wouldn’t go, the day before he tried to hide it from you. But with dinner; every bite he took made him flinch. You’d already noticed before but decided to play the game, crossing your arms as you saw Matthew fight the tears in his eyes. Eventually he confessed and you decided to take him to the dentist. He was shifting around nervously, he felt so guilty. On the cold metal chair next to him he had placed his polar bear, since he wouldn’t leave the house without it. He looked up at you, tears in the corners of his eyes; trying to convince you to take him back home.  You shook your head.

‘Matthew, you knew it was going to hurt; so why didn’t you brush your teeth?’ You stated, he shrugged and hugged your arm.

‘Mommy, please can we go back?’ He sobbed, you shook your head once more. ‘But it’s going to hurt real bad mommy, please.’

‘Matthew stop whining.’ You felt bad seeing your little boy in pain, you sighed and placed an hand on top of his head. Tears soaking your blouse’s sleeve, you stroked his blonde hair.

‘Will you hold my hand the entire time?’ He hiccupped, you nodded and kissed his forehead.

‘Of course, but promise me that you’ll start brushing your teeth from now on. And you’ll do it right OK?’ He nodded and nuzzled your arm, you chuckled. The dentist her assistant walked in, smiling at the cute sight.

‘Miss (last name)? Mr. Micheals is ready for little Matthew here.’ She spoke, you nodded and petted Matthew’s arm. He shook his head violently, but you grabbed his hand and stood up.

‘Sorry he’s a bit scared.’ You said, she nodded and walked you over to the dentist’s office.  Matthew kept pulling your arm, trying to pull you back into the waiting room. You frowned and pulled Matthew in, he whined and whined telling you to turn around. Eventually Matthew stopped resisting and let you drag him to the room. The dentist greeted Matthew with a smile; but Matthew kept hiding behind your back. ‘Matthew go sit down sweetie.’ You smiled, he nodded and held his arms up. You lifted him up and placed him on the chair, he leaned down to make himself comfortable. You walked up to the chair next to him and sat down, he held out his hand out; and you took a hold of it. He smiled and squeezed your hand, you chuckled and kissed the top of his hand.

‘It’s OK honey, don’t worry.’ You said, he nodded and looked up to the dentist.  ‘Mr. Micheals, Mattie here is a bit anxious, so can you maybe take it slow?’ You asked, he nodded and flicked the light on that was hanging above the chair. Matthew flinched and squeezed your head again, he pouted and looked up at you.

‘I forget Kumacheerio..’ He whispered, you raised an eyebrow since you couldn’t understand him.

‘What Mattie?’

‘I forget Kumacheerio..’ He whispered a bit louder, you sighed and removed some of the hairs that were covering his glasses.

‘Wasn’t his name Kumajirou?’ You asked, he shrugged and pouted again.

‘He’s still in that room, can you get him mommy?’ He asked, he looked so cute. You nodded and kissed his cheek, mouthing ‘’I’ll be right back’’. As you walked into the waiting room again you saw another child playing with Mattie’s polar bear. You sighed and walked over to the girl, who was surprised that you were walking over.

‘Sorry sweetheart that’s my Mattie’s bear can I have it back?’ She nodded and handed you the bear, you thanked her and walked back into the dentists room; faintly hearing loud cries. You opened the door and saw Matthew holding on to the chair with his life, he was crying loudly.

‘MOMMY! MOMMY! I’M SCAWRED!’ He sobbed, some of his words sounded funny because of his hiccupping. You smiled and walked over to Matthew handing him the bear. ‘T-The man tried to do something with a scary knife thing!’

‘I’m sorry miss _____, but I thought it would be better for me to start already.’ He said, you nodded and cupped Matthews face; wiping the tears from his cheeks with your thumbs.

‘Matthew I’m here now don’t worry OK?’ You said calmly, he sniffed and nodded. ‘Good.’ You took a hold of his hand again while he was clutching Kumajirou to his chest. It went well, at least better than the last time. At sometimes the dentist had to stop because Matthew wouldn’t open his mouth or was keeping his eyes shut whilst whimpering loudly. But Matthew kept strong and sat through the entire examination and cleaning.

‘OK, Matthew you do have a cavity. But I think you already knew that didn’t you?’ The dentist asked Matthew, Matthew blushed in embarrassment and nodded. The dentist chuckled and petted his head. ‘Since it’s just a baby tooth we don’t need to fill it but still, you do have to brush your teeth more often.’

‘OK..’ Matthew whispered, you smiled and rubbed his hand with your thumb, he looked at you and smiled softly. You did feel bad for your Mattie, his eyes were still red and swollen from the shock he had earlier. And he had a running nose, making you lightly chuckle. You grabbed your (f/c) bag and grabbed some tissues, when you had one you held it up to Matthew’s nose and instructed him to blow. He let out an high-pitched squeak as he blew into the tissue, you grinned and threw the tissue away.

‘Mommy did I do good?’ Matthew asked as you left the dentist building, you smiled and brushed a (h/c) strand of hair behind your ear.

‘Of course, you were so brave Mattie!’ You exclaimed, making Matthew push his chest out -  he was grinning like crazy. ‘But do remember to brush your teeth from now on.’ He nodded and let go of your hand, he twirled around spinning while holding Kumajirou by one of his paws; Matthew cute little curl jumped around as he did so. You laughed and ran after Matthew, making him giggle. You caught him and scooped him off the ground -  holding him close. He giggled even louder as you tickled his sides.

‘Haha! Mommy stop!’ He squealed, you shook your head and smirked, tickling the small child’s tummy.

‘What have we learnt Mattie?’ You teased, he giggled loudly while swinging his arms around.

‘T-To br-brush; Hahha-  My teeth!’ He giggled, you nodded and stopped tickling him. You hugged the tiny man’s body and he wrapped his arms around your neck. He smiled and played with your (h/c) hair, you chuckled and kissed his forehead. He looked into your (e/c) eyes and smiled, shutting his blue ones shut. He rested his head on your shoulder and nuzzled his nose into your neck. You sighed, oh how much you loved your little man.

‘Mommy?’ He whispered against your neck, you rubbed his back and smiled.

‘Yes Mattie?’

‘I love you..’ He said tightening his arms around your neck.

‘I love you too.’

‘Mom?’ He asked again, you sighed and let out an chuckle.

‘Again, yes Mattie?’ You said, he giggled and tapped your nose.

‘Can I have a lollypop after this?’ he asked shyly.

‘Mattie,’ You said strict, ‘We just visited the dentist, no sweets for a long time.’

‘NOT EVEN MAPLE SYRUP?’ He cried, looking into your eyes.

‘You can have maple syrup.’ You reassured, he sighed in relief. ‘Let’s go home Matthew.’ He nodded and hugged you again. It was a long day, but Matthew and you made It through. Let’s just hope he doesn’t touch a sweet in a couple of weeks, because then you’d be here again. And Matthew would be in tears again, let’s just don’t think about that shall we? But at the end of the day Matthew stayed brave, and that’s all that matter right?

The end~
Just a small one in between other stories, I just love Mattie so I felt like I needed to write this one.
I don't own Hetalia or you,
but you do own this little fellow: :iconcanadahetaliaplz:
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