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June 23, 2013
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England x Reader: No more doubts, no more fears.

You slowly walked through the beautiful garden, this was your favorite place to be. Most of the time you had to spent time inside, since your friend Alfred kept begging to play video games with you. You smiled at the thought of your extremely hyper friend, you looked at your watch and quickened your pace. It seemed that you were almost late for the world meeting,  This would be your first world meeting. You grew from a micro nation to a full grown one in no time, it quite surprised Alfred because he knew you from when you two were kids. You reached the door the led to the garden and entered the big building, your (f/c) dress got stuck between the door and the doorpost. You sighed in irritation knowing that you were going to be late now. Suddenly there was a tug on your dress and you got freed from the door. You turned around to see a man, you guessed that this person had helped you out with your situation.

‘Thanks.’ You say quite shyly, this man seemed so kind-hearted and sweet. He also had these rather large eyebrows, they seemed to make you attract to the man even more.

‘No problem love, but do you always have problems with doors?’ He said teasingly, you got flustered as your cheeks turned slightly red and you stroke an piece of your (h/c) hair behind your ear.

‘No, normally doors love me.’ You joked, he chuckled at this comment and took his hand in yours. He slowly pecked the top of your hand, your cheeks turned even redder as he looked up into your (e/c) eyes.

‘I sorry for not introducing me earlier love, I’m Arthur, Arthur Kirkland.’ He said in a calm tone, you laughed nervously and slowly pulled yourself back together.

‘I’m ____, _____ (Last name). Are you the United Kingdom?’ He nodded and fixed up his tie.

‘Well, yes. Are you the country of (Country name )?’ He asked, you nodded at his answer and smiled sweetly at him.

‘Well love, we’re quite late for the meeting now. But it doesn’t matter in this case.’

‘It doesn’t matter? Won’t they get angry at us or even worse?’ You said quite worried, he chuckled and leaned closer to your ear.

‘Well it doesn’t matter, because I got to meet a lovely lady.’ With that he turned around and gestured to follow him, you noticed that he winked at you.  Your face turned as red a tomato as you quickly walked after Arthur.

(Time-skip love.)

During the meeting, you got to meet all of the other countries like Germany, Italy and Japan. You already knew the Allies since you and Alfred were friends. Your eyes scanned the room before looking upon the handsome Englishman, your eyes locked on him and your cheeks turned slightly pink. You got pulled out of your intense stare when Alfred tapped your shoulder. You look at him with a slightly confused expression on your face.

‘Dude, pay attention alright?’ He says, you chuckled. Me paying attention? He was the one who kept running out of the meeting to visit Mc Donald’s. You punch his arm rather weakly which caused him to let out an fake ‘’ouch’’.

‘Well, let’s continue this meeting shall we?’ Arthur said, you nodded. He seemed to have a sudden change in his attitude, his calm and gentleman like posture had being replaced. He almost seemed insecure, maybe all of the people made him nervous or something? You got lost in a train of thoughts, was it you that was bothering him? You felt a wave of guilt run over you, you shook it off hoping that it wasn’t your fault.

‘Yeah.. Yeah! Of course!’ You quickly stated, as you were getting up from your chair Alfred wrapped his arms around your waist. ‘Alfred what the hell are you doing?’ You ask.

‘I wanted  a hug!’ He whined you chuckled and push the arms of your waist, you turned to Arthur  and saw he was looking away, frowning.  

( Time-Skip da?)

After the meeting you decided to talk to Arthur, if something was bothering him the least you could do was to help him right? When you saw Arthur leave the building you ran after him.

‘Arthur!,’ You yell at him, Arthur turned around,  ‘Wait please!’

Arthur stops with walking and waited for you to reach him, you were panting since Arthur had rushed off it took you a while to even be near him.

‘Lo-Love? What’s wrong?’ he asked, you smiled and placed an hand on his shoulder.

‘Is something bothering you?’ You ask, he placed an hand on your head and chuckled.

‘Not really love, but thank you for worrying about me.’ At this you frown, he wasn’t going to get away with lying to you. Just as Arthur turned around to leave you grab his sleeve.

‘Wait, I want to talk to you. Do you want to drink tea at your place?’ You ask, he seemed to be a little surprised at first but nodded quickly afterwards. You felt relieved  now that you had the chance to ask him what was wrong. You smiled victoriously, and felt a raindrop slide down your nose.

‘Bloody hell, they said It was going to be sunny outside.’ Arthur complained, you chuckled and looked up at the sky. Raindrops  sliding down your face, Arthur sighed and looked over at you for a second. A faint smile appeared on his face as he took off his coat and placed it around your shoulders.

‘What are you doing?’  you asked, Arthur’s smile grew bigger as he looked at you caringly.

‘I wouldn’t want you to catch a cold _____.’ He said while he stroke an wet (h/c) piece of hair out of your face. His shining green eyes staring into your lively (e/c) eyes.  You could practically feel your face growing redder, you slowly averted your gaze from his beautiful green eyes.  He looked slightly disappointed and let out an sigh.

‘Well I guess we better hurry before we’re soaked.’ He said , you nodded and walked after him.

You couldn’t help look over at him now and then with a worried glare. Now you were sure of it, something was bothering him. You glared over at the sky once more, and noticed the dark clouds above you. The weather is really disappointing today, they said It was going to be bright out all day. You got lost in a train of thoughts when the rain started  pouring down on Arthur and you. The two  of you started to quicken your pace until you were almost running. Arthur’s house was nearby so you arrived there shortly after the rain got worse. Let’s just face it your beautiful (f/c) dress was soaked, pieces of (h/c) hair stuck to your wet face. The jacket – that Arthur had placed on your shoulders – was completely soaked.  Arthur walked over to you and took the jacket off your shoulders.

‘Love, if you want you could wear some fresh clothes from me while your dress dries.’

‘Thanks, sorry for getting your jacket soaking wet.’ You said, he walked over to the fireplace and lit it. He glanced over at you,  the light the fire was giving was making his skin reflect the warm glow. He looked just..  Just so magical. He stood up and walked upstairs, which – of course – gave you a chance to take a look around. In front of the fire place was an beautiful leather chair, as you turned around you saw the many bookcases that were surrounding the living room. He obviously liked to read, you didn’t blame him though. You yourself enjoyed reading, a good book would keep you going for a whole day. As you heard steps come down the stair you walk toward the fire place and kneeled down in front of it. When you heard footsteps enter the room you tried to keep focused on the dancing flame. The footsteps stopped which caused you to look around.

‘Oh, hey Arthur.’ You slowly stood up and noticed the clothing in his hands, you chuckle and walked towards him.

‘______, these clothes are for you. They may not fit, but it’s all that I’ve got.’ He said, his voice so calming and soothing. You took the clothing and walked up the stairs.

‘There’s a room where you can change, it’s on the right!’ You heard Arthur yell from down the stairs, you turned right and entered the room. Just like the living room it was very well decorated and had an true English ring to it. You looked over at the clothing you were handed, it was an oversized white t-shirt and sweatpants. You took of your dress and stared at it as it laid on the ground, it was such an beautiful dress and it was completely ruined by the rain. You slip into the sweatpants and put on the oversized t-shirt. As you walked down the stairs you noticed that Arthur had already changed his clothes and was now sitting in front of the fire place. He stared blankly into the fire, probably lost in thoughts. You slowly walked towards him and placed an hand on his shoulder. He got startled but quickly recovered himself.

‘Arthur are you alright?’ You asked, he chuckled and stared back into the fire again. ‘If something is bothering you, please tell me Arthur.’

‘______, have you ever being in love?’ Arthur asked as he looked into your (e/c) eyes, you turned your head the other way trying to shook of the feeling. God, why did he had to be so attractive?!

‘Well yes.. Actually.. No .. I guess.. I had a few relationships, but in love I guess I never was in love.’ You tried to keep your cool as Arthur leaned in closer to your face.

‘_______, I’m in love with you.’ Your cheeks turned bright red as you could feel your heart beating fast. He was so close to your face, it almost seemed to easy.. To just lean in.. And kiss him. Before you realized you had placed your lips upon his, you could feel his body tense up but slowly relax again. You could swear that you saw his eyes widen is shock when you kissed him. It didn’t matter to you, all of your fears and doubts about these feelings for Arthur went away. You could feel Arthur lean into the kiss even more as he tangled his hand into your (h/c) hair. When you two parted you just kept looking into his enchanting green eyes.

‘I love you too Arthur..’ You said with a soft smile, he wrapped his arms around you and buried his face into your hair.

‘I was so afraid, _____. The thought of you sharing your feelings with another man. Made me doubt myself.’  He said barely audible, you smile as you slowly stroke the blondes hair.

‘No worries, I myself had problems figuring out my feelings for you..’ You whisper into his ear, he nuzzled his nose into your shoulder. You chuckled and kissed the top of his head, his nose brushed against your skin. Just as you wished that the moment would never go away, Arthur stood up and helped you to get up. He wraps his arms around your waist and hugged you again, you cupped his face between your hands as you placed an kiss on his cheek.

‘I love you so much ____.’ He said, you smiled as he kissed you again. After the kiss he took your hand and placed it on his chest, you could feel his heart pounding. Was he just as attracted to you as you were to him?

‘Say Arthur? I still want my tea~’ You sang, he chuckled and moved to the kitchen. You followed him and saw how Arthur dropped the tealeaves into the cups. He was just so perfect, he was handsome, sweet and a true gentleman. You watch as he turned around and smiled at you sweetly. When Arthur sat down on his chair you hop onto his lap. He just grinned as you buried your face into his neck, ‘I love you Arthur..’ you whisper lovingly into his ear before placing a kiss on his cheek. Arthur took this opportunity  to turn around so your kiss was placed upon his lips. You wrap your arms around his neck as he placed his hands on your waist. When you parted you leaned in so that your forehead was touching his, you stayed like this for a while. Just staring into each other’s eyes while both of your cheeks were crimson.  ‘I love you more ____, more than I love scones and tea.~’ he said coy, you giggle while resting your head on his shoulder. ‘Are you tired?’ he asked, you nodded. He wrapped your arms around his neck as he stood up – carrying you bridal style – up the stairs.

‘What do you think you’re doing?’

‘Bringing you to bed of course.’

‘I can walk you no-‘ your sentence was cut off by Arthur placing an kiss on your lips, when his lips detached with yours he just had an mischievous smile on his face.  A smile that made your heart flutter, a smile that you loved. His smile..
Please comment if i made any mistakes and if you liked the story of course.
I thought that it was time to bring Iggy out, just because he's one of my favorite characters.
I do not own hetalia, you are yourself of course.
Have a nice day, ciao~
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"He slowly pecked the top of your hand, your cheeks turned even redder as he looked up into your (e/c) eyes.
‘I sorry for not introducing me earlier love, I’m Arthur, Arthur Kirkland.’ He said in a calm tone, you laughed nervously and slowly pulled yourself back together."

(Me in a normal situation this happened)
Me: Wa-WAIT WAIT WHAT?! WHAT!! May I ask, are you a gentleman.
Arthur: Well-
Me: MARRY ME!! *glomps* 

Where i'm from, there is no such thing as a gentleman. Arthur would so be mine. :heart:
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