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October 17, 2013
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Ouran High school host club x Tsundere! Tomboy! Reader: Kyouya Ootori: The cool type

'Oh dearest _____! We welcome you to the world of beauty and elegance! All of this men live to entertain you, so please tell us _____! Which type do you like the best?’

You placed your hand under your chin, as if to be deep in thought. You smiled and opened your mouth.
‘Well I obviously like cool guys,’ You said with a cocky grin, you pointed at the extremely handsome dark-haired guy, he had sharp glasses which only made you like him more. ‘Like him.’ The blonde gasped and placed a hand on his forehead.

‘How can such a beautiful maiden, choose Kyouya over me?’ He murmured, Haruhi shrugged. The boy – apparently name Kyouya – turned around at the sound of his name. He pushed his glasses back on his nose bridge, making you blush. He was really attractive. Kyouya walked over to you and held out his hand, smiling coldly.

‘I believe we haven’t met before, I’m Kyouya Ootori.’ He introduced himself, you took his hand and shook it. ‘You must be _____, the other honor student next to our Haruhi.’

‘Yeah, that’s me.’ You smiled, trying to act cool. The truth was your face felt as if it was on fire and your heart was beating like crazy. You shot daggers at the dramatic blonde, who was pouting and faking tears. ‘I’m not a maiden, jerk.’ You scowled, making Kyouya chuckle lightly.

‘Oh dear please be easy on our king.’ He stated, you furrowed your eyebrows. Why was that guy the king? He was childish and way too dramatic, you tapped Kyouya’s shoulder.

‘Why is he the king? He looks emotionally unstable.’ You said, Tamaki cried out and threw himself in the corner of the room, sulking. You smirked at what you had done, finally you could hear something else then the cries of disapproval that Tamaki made.

‘Tama-chan brought us all together! Without him we wouldn’t be friends right now! Right Takashi?’ The smaller blonde grinned, again the boy named Takashi nodded.

‘I’m sorry to interrupt or anything, but did you guys even introduce yourself to ______?’ Haruhi asked, the room was awkwardly silent. She frowned and crossed her arms, in distress. ‘Guys! How rude!’ She said angrily, puffing out her cheeks. Tamaki returned from his sulking corner and grabbed your hand, placing a kiss on the top of it. You shivered and pulled your hand back, not noticing the jealous glare from behind Kyouya’s glasses. You weren’t flustered really, but still, being in such contact with a boy made your cheeks slightly red tinted.

‘I’m Tamaki Suoh, my princess.’ He said, you frowned. This guy was a big flirt. He probably does this to every girl he met, making you cringe in disgust.

‘Yeah, yeah.’ You said, completely uninterested in the huge flirt before you. He pouted and threw himself back in the corner.

‘Allow me to introduce our hosts, miss (last name).’ Kyouya spoke, you felt yourself blush again when he said your last name. 'Focus ____! He’s just some guy, stop thinking about all of this stuff!’ You thought to yourself. Missing the smirk that was placed on Kyouya’s lips.

‘Tamaki Suoh, the prince type but you’ve already met him.’ He said pointing at Tamaki in the corner.

‘Don’t introduce me to those twins either, I already know them..’ You sighed in frustration.

‘Mitsukuni Haninozuka or Honey for short, the loli-shota type.’ He said gesturing to the cute blonde, who was now hiding behind his pink bunny. A cute innocent expression on his face.

‘Takashi Morinozuka or Mori, the wild type.’ The tall dark headed boy nodded and walked over to Honey, setting him on his shoulders. The smaller boy let out a cute little giggle as he walked off with Mori. ‘And me Kyouya Ootori, the cool type.’ He said in an extremely cool way, he was a cold one wasn’t he? He was just about to introduce Haruhi but you shushed him by placing a finger on his lips, making him give you a confused look.

‘I already know Haruhi, so don’t worry about that.’ You said, he nodded and fixed his glasses again. You were just about to ask some more questions but you were silenced by a bunch of girls coming in through the main door. After every girl had chosen a host. Kyouya walked up to you, a clipboard in his hands.

‘So ____, are you interested in making an appointment with a host?’ He asked, his glasses shining it the light. You shrugged.

‘I don’t know, it just seems a bit weird to me.’ You murmured, ‘Besides, I could never afford it anyway. I lost all my savings on this uniform.’ He looked at you with a fixed expression, not taking his eyes off you. You felt yourself getting a bit uncomfortable so you began to walk away, but you were grabbed by the shoulder.

‘Oh, Miss _____? You’re already leaving?’ He asked, you nodded. ‘It doesn’t cost any money, you do realize that don’t you?’ You turned around and crossed your arms, giving him a puzzled look. Did he really thought you were just going to sit down with a dude and talk to him all afternoon?

You sighed as you sat down on the silky couch, Kyouya managed to talk you in to sitting with him while he hosted you. Honestly you were a bit nervous. But really, what do you do in a host club? Kyouya was currently fetching you guys some tea, you weren’t really a fond of tea but whatever. A chance to speak to Kyouya all afternoon wasn’t so bad. You shifted nervously as he walked back, a tray with tea cups and a tea pot on top in his hands. You watched him as he sat down and poured you two some tea.

‘Still regretting it miss? Were just going to talk with some tea, relax.’ He said, you nodded and took the cup in your hands. He watched you as you took a sip, you cringed. God it was terrible. You placed the cup back down and wiped your mouth with your sleeve.

‘God that’s horrible.’ You spat out, Kyouya stared at you with a confused look. ‘Oh, pardon me.’ You managed to recover yourself. He placed a hand on his chest.

‘Please don’t apologize, your personality is indeed very interesting.’ He said, you sighed and leaned back in the comfy couch. The nervous feeling had already left.

‘So, what do you mostly talk about with the girls you host?’ You asked bluntly, he smiled faintly and crossed his legs. The tea cup in his hand. He took a sip.
‘Mostly talk about things, commoners like you wouldn’t be interested in.’ He said, you frowned.

‘Hey that’s rude, calling me a commoner!’ You scowled, ‘You rich fellows sure know how to distress a lady don’t you?’ You crossed your arms and looked away to the side, not letting Kyouya see your face. That was boiling with anger.

‘My sincere apologies miss.’ He said, making you glance over at him from the corners of your eyes. ‘I didn’t mean to upset you.’ You looked back at him.

‘No, it’s my fault as well. I just have a hard time getting people intentions, I was the one being rude. Sorry.’ You murmured, he shook his head and placed his cup on the table.

‘I see, but don’t worry you can be honest here. What’s being said here stays here. So don’t worry.’ He stated, you sighed and rested your head on your hands.

‘I’m not just going to pour my heart out here, you do know that right? And why do you even act friendly, it’s not like I’m a rich princess from England or something.’

‘Why would I care about that?’ He asked.

‘You know the Ootori family is well known for their connections and way of buying people over.’ You mumbled, he sighed and leaned back into his seat.

‘Don’t buy everything you hear, it is true that our family is extremely cold and has no mercy when it comes to money. But being rude to a lady is an absolute sin.’ He stated, your eyes were a bit widened. He was able to speak of his family in such a way? ‘Now miss ____, how’s your family?’

You really didn’t know how to answer him, it would be weird to just go all happy and be like: ‘Well they’re both dead! So yeah I live on my own, no siblings, uncles, aunts no nothing!’  So you just decided to ignore the question.

‘So how long have you being in the host club?’ You asked trying to change to the topic, he frowned a bit.

‘_____ please don’t change the topic, I want to know.’ He said, you sighed and ran your fingers through your (h/c) hair. Well he wanted to know so he’s going to get the full story then, you looked at him. He was patiently waiting for you to answer.

‘Well.. My family is sort of dead, not sort of they’re dead. But I’ve gotten over it already, it has being three years anyway. They passed away when I was thirteen, they got ran over by a car.’ You murmured, ‘Ever since then I lived on my own in a small apartment in the outskirts of town, I pay my rent by working at a restaurant at night.’ Kyouya was listening carefully, nodding as you proceeded to tell your story. ‘So yeah that’s it, probably think I’m a big sissy don’t you?’ He shook his head.

‘I think that you’re very brave, your parents are surely proud of you.’ He said calmly, you felt tears in the corners of your eyes.

‘Oh won’t you look at the time, got to run!’ You said nervously, standing up. You really didn’t like it when your emotions went all crazy, so you wanted to get out of there. Quickly. You wiped the tears from the corners of your eyes as you ran off. Kyouya ran after you, but you were already gone before he could get to you. Kyouya stood there a blank expression on his face, the shadow king was actually moved. He felt like crying as well, but he had a reputation as a cool guy so he held them in. By now you were running through the halls, trying to find a place to cry your lungs out. As you noticed how empty your classroom was you ran in and closed the door. You sat down on the floor, your back against the door. You slowly let tears stream down your face, sobbing quietly.

‘Sorry mom, dad. I guess that I’m just a big sissy after all..’ You mumbled, chuckling slightly. You wrapped your arms around your knees and pulled them close. You sobbed into the yellow skirt of the uniform, making it wet. You wiped some of the remaining tears from your eyes as you heard a knock on the door. ‘Who is it?’ You said in a shaky voice.

‘Kyouya.’ A voice from behind the door said, you placed your hand on your wet cheek. Feeling it warming up at the cool and calm voice.

‘Go away..’ You sobbed.

‘_____, if you’re not going to open this door I will.’ He said, you sighed and moved your back from the door. Your sad face was now facing the door waiting for it to be opened. Not wanting to let Kyouya see you like this you placed your hands over your face. You heard the door open. Kyouya stood there, a pained expression on his face. He kneeled down and placed a hand on top of your head.

‘_____? Are you alright?’ He asked, you shook your head and groaned.

‘Go away..’ You said again, he chuckled and removed your hands from your face. Revealing the soaking wet cheeks and tears in the corners of your eyes. He smiled faintly and cupped your face, wiping the tears from your eyes.

‘It’s alright, I didn’t mean to upset you.’ He spoke, you said nothing. Staying silent and looking away was the only thing you wanted to do. ‘_____, you’re so incredible.’ You looked at him with a confused expression. He smiled and rested his forehead against yours, you blushed.

‘H-Hey now no time for jokes, get off me.’ You stuttered, he shook his head and closed his eyes.

‘You were able to take care of yourself, you scored so incredibly high on tests even though you had no one there to help you. You’re one of the strongest persons I’ve ever met ____.’ He said, you didn’t know what to say. But as you opened your mouth as to say something, he kissed you. Obviously you were surprised, you placed your hands against his chest trying to push him off, but he was too strong. Your cheeks were bright red as he parted away from you, a calm smirk on his face.

‘Why d-did you d-do th-that?’ You stuttered again, he chuckled and rested nuzzled his nose against yours.

‘I think I may have fallen for you ____.’ He admitted, you flushed bright crimson.

‘W-What are you saying, i-idiot! A-And your glasses are hurting my face so get off me!’ You squirmed, he shook his head.

‘No, not until you admit you like me too.’ He teased, you shook your head and raised your arm in attempt to cover your blush.
‘I don’t!’ You spat out embarrassed, he had a devilish smile on his face.

‘Just repeat after me, “I love you too.”’ He spoke, you blushed.

‘I love you too..’ You murmured, your hand covering your mouth.

‘What I didn’t quite hear that, remove your hand please.’

‘I love you too..’ You groaned, your eyes looking away not wanting to face Kyouya. He smiled and placed his finger under your chin making you face him anyway. You blushed as he stared at you with cold eyes, he placed a peck on your nose. You shut your eyes and squeaked.

‘You’re so cute.’

‘Shut up..’

The end of Kyouya’s chapter~
Hello this one was quicker than I expected, but hey, it's cool right?
I do not own OHSCH or you, neither do I own the picture~
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